Launch Dynamic Inventory Ads on Facebook.

Cumulus connects your inventory feed with Facebook.
Customers see the cars on your lot, and you don't have to manage or create your ads.

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Your inventory on Facebook.

Dynamic ads, no management.

You know what's not fun? Spending hours creating Facebook ads for a vehicle that is quickly sold. 

Cumulus creates Facebook ads directly from your inventory feed, so your ads are always up-to-date with no management. If you sell a car, the ads with that car shut off. Get a new car on the lot? It's on Facebook. Instantly. 

Get started for $399/mo


Plus, with Cumulus Pro, your Facebook pixel is tuned up and ready for Offline Events. That means you know if someone who purchased saw your ad first.

Measurable Conversion

UTM tags, offline conversions, analytics, oh my!

Inventory ads are highest converting ads on Facebook based on our testing. But don't take our word for it. 

All of our ads are tagged so you  measure the success in your analytics. 

Get started for $399/mo

More Leads + More Sales

Your customers spend over an hour a day on Facebook. Plus, Facebook knows when they are shopping for a vehicle.

Your dealership needs to be on Facebook to reach more leads and convert more sales. Cumulus makes it easy. The best part? There's no pressure.

Click the button to send us your inventory details. We will confirm that everything is working and set-up. Then, and only then, will you start your monthly investment in Cumulus. Let's get started!

Get Started for $399/mo

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